Longevity and Healthy life extension

Ongoing advances in conventional medicine and the improvement of the living standards in many countries has led to an increase in life expectancy.  However, the quality of life of most people gradually deteriorates due to chronic diseases. Longer lifespan does not mean longer healthspan.

According to the current state of medical knowledge and scientific discoveries of reputable medical centers, it is possible to significantly delay the aging process of our body and clearly improve the quality of life at any age.

Because these discoveries are related to the use of substance present in nature they are not known to most people affected by chronic conditions who also watch how their relatives cannot enjoy life due to illness and old age.  You cannot patent a chemical compound that is available to anyone.

This substance is Nicotinamide riboside which showed to reverse metabolic age at the cellular level by  improving cellular energy production.
As a result, our cells can function like the cells of our youth and they can better control the genes  responsible for the development of diseases.
Undoing the aging process at the cellular level, however, does not lead to rejuvenation of our body, because there also exists the aging process at the inter-cellular level. This is a well known process which can also be controlled with the help of non-patentable natural substances. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are obviously not interested in them.

Symptoms of aging at the inter-cellular level are visible in pathological deposits.
Such deposits are, for example, atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries, amyloid deposits (senile plaques) in the brain, or deposits in the joints in their degenerative disease.
The accumulation of these deposits in the tissues and  subsequent fibrosis of internal organs is the reason that the functions of our body decreases with age. It is related to the actual loss of these organs. We lose the functional mass of the pancreas, liver, kidneys and the rest of our body to a greater or lesser extent, depending on our lifestyle or the influence of external factors beyond our control.
We produce fewer digestive enzymes, the liver detoxifies our body worse, the filtration and detoxification function of the kidneys decreases, changes in the brain affect our long and short term memory and other aspects of thinking.
These processes can be controlled with the help of supplements.

There is ample evidence that our body can slow down the deposition of pathological deposits with the help of systemic digestive enzymes.
Most young people are healthy because their pancreas produces very large amounts of digestive juice. The enzymes it contains are absorbed into the blood and they break down pathological complexes into small pieces, preventing them from having a negative effect on the body. Our enzyme production decreases significantly with age, which is why we can greatly benefit from supplementation.
Another way to get rid of these deposits is to neutralize them with an amazing substance called modified citrus pectin.
The effectiveness of these supplements is largely explained by the theory of proper nutrition associated with the blood type diet.
Citrus pectins neutralize dangerous lectins, which can cause serious health problems. Citrus pectins can also have heavy metal detoxification properties. They are the only natural supplement that has chelation properties and is used to inhibit and even reverse the process of atherosclerosis.