HERBS and Supplements

Our website is a source of information about herbs and supplements, which are not synthetic products like most of prescription medications.
The tradition of their use comes from different medical systems and cultures. Their common feature is that the use of these products together with daily diet can enrich the latter with nutrients needed to maintain or regain health.
Therefore, we call products available in our store dietmoderators.
Dietmoderators.org website will be constantly developed and updated with latest information about herbs and supplements promoted and sold by us. We will also add more products to our store.
It is estimated that 75% of the US population takes different types of dietmoderators. It is in the United States where probably the highest percentage of the population in the world uses herbs and supplements, quite likely because of the highest in the world cost of conventional healthcare. Many people simply do not want to get sick, they want to be healthy mentally and physically.
There are a lot of countries in the world which provide their citizens with free healthcare which gives a false sense of financial security in case of serious illness. Free healthcare is not usually actually free since in order to obtain the optimal treatment the patient cannot count on what is provided to him by the goverment and what is very cost- oriented, and often not the best possible treatment.

The hallmark of natural medicine is that the best treatment for any health problem is preventing it.
Many people who do not see any point in taking herbs or supplements believe that today's food can be a sufficient source of all our body needs to be healthy.
Unfortunately it is not. We are also exposed to many toxic environmental factors and mental stress. Even if our diet was perfect, the amount of food required to provide the body with ingredients that natural preparations contain would be several hundreds times greater than the volume of the dose of the supplement. With so much food we would provide our bodies with too many substances that our body does not need or does not need in such amounts. Let us look for example at an extract from the peel of a cherry. Let's imagine the amount of fructose contained in the volume of actual fruit, which is the source of active substances present in a small capsule extract. Our liver can properly metabolize only 15-20 grams of fructose per day (2 medium apples, about 50 cherries).
Our digestive tract is also not able to obtain all natural biologically active substances (present in a good supplement or herbal preparation) made for instance from cherry, other fruit or plant. For example, Pectasol-C is a preparation of modified citrus pectins made by using complicated technology in order to obtain the smallest particles possible which are absorbed well from gastrointestinal tract and have the best potential for biological activity. Our digestive tract doesn't have such technology and cannot obtain from foods better pectins than those provided by man- made Pectasol-C.

Another common mistake is relying on very inexpensive natural preparations.
It is often the price of an herb or supplements what makes any given preparation the most atractive to the buyer. Less expensive natural formulas usually have also lesser potential medical value that their more expensive counterparts.
There is a huge difference between (for example) probiotic supplement containing 70 billion of bacterial cultures in one dose and another one containing only 10 billion. Both formulations obviously must have a different price.
Somebody who takes cheaper and thus usually less valuable supplements often comes to the conclussion that this way of controlling his health does not make any sense, because he doesn't feel any positive results of his actions.

A major reason for ignoring a huge market of herbs and dietary supplements is a very large diversity of their quality and difficult access to fair and professional information about them.

Our store sells only such herbs and supplements that are the most valuable in terms of possible action. We chose them carefully by analyzing the reliability and reputation of the manufacturer, their composition and opinions about them among consumers and physicians in the US. We offer American and Canadian products manufactured only in these countries. Their quality and method of production is controlled in an appropriate manner. For example, herbs and supplements made in the factory, which is controlled and has standards of production established by the FDA. Products are tested (usually by independent laboratories) for their active components promised on their labels. They are also checked for the levels of dangerous heavy metals and other impurities.

Each product sold by us has a shorter or longer description which will be constantly developed and updated. There are navigation bars on the left side of our website which lead to descriptions of every herb or supplement we sell.

We ship herbs and supplements from the United States to all countries of the world.
We usually use the United States Postal Service. We can also ship through another carrier, usually more popular in any given country. There is almost always a tracking information available to the customer on internet at any time.
The everage time from placing the order to the moment of delivery is 1-2 weeks.